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Why Choose TEAMCO’s Custom Face Masks?

  • 1. TEAMCO's custom face masks are made out of our Micro-Polyester fabric.
  • TEAMCO’s custom face masks are made out of our 100% Micro-Polyester soft-feel fabric. It is an athletic, breathable, and moisture-wicking material. Teamco masks feature double-layer construction and adjustable gathered elastic sides, for a comfortable fit.

    Our Micro-Polyester material is a high end sports fabric, which is also used for soccer jerseys, volleyball jerseys and performance wear.

    TEAMCO's custom face masks are reusable and non-medical grade. Reusable face masks offer substantial cost-savings over single-use disposable masks. Reusable masks are also more eco-friendly than disposable masks.

  • 2. TEAMCO's custom face masks are made in Canada, in-house in our facility in the Toronto, Ontario area.
  • TEAMCO’s custom face masks are manufactured in-house in Markham, Ontario. You cannot outsource Canadian quality. By manufacturing locally we have a fast 2-week turnaround for custom masks. When we can, we rush orders at no extra charge for customers who need their masks in a hurry. By getting your custom masks made locally in Canada, you don’t have to worry about long shipping times, customs fees, import duties, currency exchange fees, etc.

  • 3. TEAMCO's custom masks are priced-all - including all your logos in full-colour.
  • With TEAMCO's custom face masks, one low price includes all your logos in full-colour. For companies looking for a branded mask, there is no better way to represent your brand than having your logo printed in in full-colour. Please check out our Masks Logo Placement Guide to see the different logo placement options.

    With other suppliers, the costs may go up when printing logos in more than 1-colour, or for adding additional logos to the masks. At Teamco, logos are priced all-in and we don’t charge setup fees.

    Teams, businesses and organizations will commonly have artwork on their custom masks such as:

    • Team logos;
    • Business or Organization logos;
    • Canada Flag or USA Flag;
    • Personalized numbers;
    • Personalized names.

  • 4. TEAMCO's custom face masks are fully dye-sublimated.
  • Sublimation is a manufacturing process where the entire design of the face masks are directly infused into the fabric. Everything from the background colours of the masks, logos, gradients, decorative patterns, numbers and names become part of the fabric. Also, on sublimated masks logos are printed in full-colour at no extra charge; there are no restrictions on how many colours can be in a logo.

    With sublimated face masks you can have creative designs such as camouflage prints, animal prints, gradients and patterns (e.g. maple leafs, polka dots, plaid, floral, paisley, stripes, etc). Also, you can have high quality photo prints on the masks, ranging from images of scenery to funny themes such as a picture of someone's face.

    When custom face masks are “sublimated”, the logos do not fade, crack or wear, because they are directly infused into the fabric. In this way sublimation face masks offer a key advantage over screen-printed or embroidered face masks. On such masks, the logos rest on top of the surface of the fabric and may wear or peel off over time.

    Sublimation masks are more comfortable and have a premium feel compared to screen-printed masks. The fabric remains nice and smooth because the printing is infused into the fabric. As such, one only feels the fabric and not the print at all. This is a lot nicer than feeling the dried ink from the logos on screen-printed face masks.

  • 5. TEAMCO is your friendly neighbourhood custom masks supplier.
  • We know that ordering custom masks can seem like a difficult and unfamiliar task. We are here to help walk you through the process. We work everyday with a wide range of customers on orders for businesses, organizations, teams, etc. Please feel free to contact us regarding your custom mask's design, logos, sizing, etc.

  • 6. TEAMCO’s ordering process will take the headache away from buying custom face masks.
  • For every order of custom masks we will send you a complete digital artwork proof. The artwork proof is a to-scale mock-up of what your face mask design will look like in production. We will not start production on your order until you sign off on your mask design.