Why Should My Team Choose Sublimation Jerseys?

Why Should My Team Choose Sublimation Jerseys?

What is Sublimation?

Sublimation is a manufacturing process where the entire design of the jersey is directly infused into the fabric. Everything from the colors of the jersey, the striping, logos, numbers and player names become part of the fabric. 

Sublimation jerseys start out as digital designs - created on graphic design apps. Next, the design is printed on paper - in life size - using large format printers. The printed design is then pressed on to the fabric at high temperature and pressure. The heat and pressure convert the design into gas, which then bonds with the molecules on the fabric. Finally, the fabric panels are sewn together to create the finished jersey. 

Sublimation Jerseys Offer More Value Than Screen-printed Jerseys

When a jersey is “sublimated”, the design, logos, numbers and player names do not fade, crack or wear, because they are directly infused into the fabric. Sublimation jerseys are different from screen-printed or embroidered jerseys. On such jerseys the logos, etc. rest on the surface of the fabric. Over time the logos may wear or peel off. Over the course of multiple seasons, the added durability of sublimation jerseys can provide significant cost savings.

Generally with sublimation jerseys the number of logos, etc. has little impact on the price. Put another way, the more artwork you have on the jerseys, the more money you save versus a screen-printed jersey. With TEAMCO sublimation jerseys - one all-in price includes everything: multiple logos, numbers, player names, etc., everything the team would like. This means teams can add artwork such as sponsor logos, front-numbers, sleeve logos, player names, etc., without increasing the cost of their jerseys. One particular advantage for the team would be more sponsorship opportunities without incurring additional printing costs.

Sublimation Jerseys Are Nicer To Play In

On a screen-printed or embroidered jersey there is always an added cost for every additional print on the jersey. For example, if you would like to add a player name or a sponsor logo, the cost goes up.

Sublimation jerseys are more comfortable than conventional jerseys. The fabric remains nice and smooth because the printing is within the fabric. As such, one only feels the fabric and not the print at all. This is a lot nicer than feeling the dried ink from logos, etc. on a screen-printed jersey.

A sublimation jersey will feel lighter than a jersey with embroidered or stitched-on printing. For sports where lighter-weight uniforms mean better performance, sublimation is the best choice. 

Sublimation Artwork Is In Full Colour

Sublimation jerseys can feature more complex designs than conventional jerseys, because they are digitally designed. Sublimation jerseys can have pin-stripes, gradients, textures, camouflage patterns, etc. There is also a much greater choice of colours. Colors like Sunset, Lime Green, Fuchsia and Tangerine are standard in sublimation but rare in conventional jerseys. 

Another significant advantage of sublimation jerseys is that logos are printed in full-color. On a screen-printed jersey, though, every additional color on a logo will cost more. This is also true for player numbers and names. At TEAMCO, there is no limitation on logo colours. Numbers and names are also offered in two or three colours at no additional cost.

Due to the all these advantages, sublimation jerseys are getting increasingly more popular. Teams who want both high quality jerseys and good value for money should definitely give sublimation serious consideration.

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