What Kind of Hockey Jerseys do I Order for my Team in Canada?

Sublimation Hockey Jersey Examples

So you are in charge of ordering hockey jerseys for your team in Canada. What are the options to choose from?

The Budget Option: Screen-Printed Hockey Jerseys

If your team wants to spend as little as possible, then screen-printed hockey jerseys are a popular choice in Canada. It is when the logos, numbers and/or player names (“artwork”) are “screen-printed” onto the jerseys.

The starting point for screen-printed hockey jerseys are “blank jerseys”. These can include solid colour practice jerseys or NHL themed jerseys (e.g. jerseys with Toronto Maple Leafs style striping).

In screen-printing, each additional piece of artwork adds to the cost of the jersey. Also, multi-colour artwork (e.g. a 2 colour front logo) will cost more than 1-colour artwork (e.g. a 1-colour front logo).

Screen-printed hockey jerseys in Canada cost anywhere from $15-$50 (without artwork), or $25-$95 (with artwork). Screen-printed hockey jerseys offer the most value when there is minimal artwork on the jerseys. The cost will rapidly increase the more logos, numbers, names and sponsors you add to the jerseys.

One disadvantage of screen-printed jerseys is that the artwork may wear or peel off over time. For teams looking to wear their hockey jerseys for multiple seasons, screen-printed jerseys are not the most durable option.

The Modern High Quality Option: Sublimation Hockey Jerseys

If your team wants high quality and sharp looking hockey jerseys - without breaking the bank - then sublimation hockey jerseys are a great choice for teams in Canada.

Sublimation is a manufacturing process where the entire design of the jersey and artwork are directly infused into the fabric. Everything from the colours of the jersey, striping, logos, numbers and player names become part of the fabric. The jersey designs themselves start out as digital designs, which are then printed on wide format printers and “sublimated” into the fabric. At TEAMCO, we manufacture sublimation hockey jerseys, in-house in our facility in Canada.

The main advantages of sublimation hockey jerseys are:

- Sharper and richer designs than screen-printed jerseys, with a wider range of colours to choose from;

- Logos are printed in full-colour;

- They have a comfortable hand-feel as the design and artwork are infused into the fabric;

- The logos / numbers / names have zero colour fade and do not wear over time;

    Sublimation hockey jerseys typically cost $60-120 per jersey in Canada. Made-in-Canada sublimation hockey jerseys offer several advantages over jerseys made offshore. Offshore made hockey jerseys often have hidden costs such as customs and brokerage duties, currency exchange, expensive air freight, etc. Offshore jerseys also have longer turnaround times and there is no recourse for quality issues. In contrast, Canadian manufacturers of sublimated hockey jerseys have faster delivery and offer better service, especially when it comes to ordering fill-ins in the future.

    When searching for sublimated hockey jerseys in Canada, look for suppliers who have simplified all-in pricing - which include all logos, numbers and player names - and have no setup charges.

    One distinct advantage of sublimation jerseys is when hockey teams need to include sponsor logos on their jerseys. These days, more and more teams are getting sponsored by local businesses. It is a great way for teams to keep their jersey costs down. With sublimation, there is typically no extra cost to add sponsor logos to the jerseys, and they will be printed in full-colour.

    The Classic Pro Option: Hockey Jerseys with Sewn-on Twill Artwork

    Hockey jerseys with twill artwork are what professional hockey teams typically wear. Twill artwork is where the logos / numbers / names are printed on twill fabric and then sewn onto the jerseys. Like screen-printed jerseys, the starting point is a “blank” jersey, upon which the twill artwork is added.

    Hockey jerseys with twill artwork typically cost between $95-$150. It is a high quality but expensive option for hockey teams who want a classic professional look. Twill artwork jerseys will usually be much more expensive than sublimated jerseys, as the price significantly increases when more artwork is added to the jerseys. Therefore, when hockey teams want to include artwork such as sponsor logos, Canada Flags, STOP Signs, etc., sublimated jerseys are a more economical choice. Sublimated jerseys will also offer much more in terms of design and colour choices.

    What kind of hockey jerseys are best for your team in Canada?

    For most hockey teams in Canada, their choice of hockey jerseys ultimately comes down to budget. If your team is looking to spend as little as possible, screen printed jerseys are the best option. If your team wants high quality jerseys - without breaking the bank - sublimation hockey jerseys provide the best value. If your team wants the best jerseys possible, then sublimation and twill artwork jerseys offer different advantages. Sublimation jerseys offer sharp and creative designs, full-colour artwork and all-in pricing. In contrast, jerseys with twill artwork provide an old-school professional look.