My Team is Ordering Jerseys Online. What Size Should I Order?

Measuring a Sublimation Baseball Jersey

When your team orders new jerseys online, one question each player asks is: “What size do I order?”. The best way to figure out what size you are is to first measure one of your t-shirts which fits you well. Then compare this measurement to the manufacturer’s size chart and see what the closest match is.

There are no universal standards for clothing sizing

The key thing to remember about team uniforms sizing – and even clothing in general - is that there are no universal standards for sizing. One company’s size “Medium” may be another company’s size “Small”. On top of all this, every person has different preferences for fit. Some people like a tight-fitting jersey while others may prefer a looser fit. For example, a player with a 40” chest may prefer to wear a jersey which measures 42”; while another player with same build may feel great in a 44” jersey. So the trick is to measure something you already own that fits you well.

We are often asked questions like: “Would a size adult small fit someone who is 12 years old?” Our answer is always to consult the size chart. There are different categories of sizing, such as “youth sizes”, “toddler sizes”, “big and tall sizes”, etc. The key thing to remember is that these are just labels. They don’t tell you the full picture. For example, “youth sizes” might be just a bit smaller than “adult” jerseys, or they may be meant to fit little kids. The labels don’t tell you the full-story, so you need to check out the actual measurements.

Here are some tips for sizing:

When it comes to ordering team uniforms – there are some general tips to follow. One is that it is better to order a slightly larger jersey than a slightly smaller jersey. A player can still wear and play in a jersey that is slightly too big. But when a jersey is too small, it is no good to anyone. 

Custom-made sublimation sports jerseys, which TEAMCO specializes in, are not your typical item of clothing. It can sometimes take teams weeks to make a decision on what jerseys to order. Then it takes a few weeks for production. If a jersey is too small then not much can be done about it. This is why we always say: when in doubt go a size bigger.

When teams order jerseys it is often one person who quarterbacks the entire process. When it comes time to collect the sizes, numbers and player names of each jersey, the best thing is to do is to send the size chart to the entire team. So post it in your Whatsapp Group, Facebook Group, or email chain, and leave it up to each player to pick their own size.