Men's Sublimation Basketball Team Jerseys and Uniforms

TEAMCO’s sublimation basketball jerseys and reversible uniforms are Made in Canada - in our facility in Markham, Ontario. Our basketball uniforms include your full choice of logos, names and numbers. They are a popular choice for school teams, leagues, etc.

For SBK 1053 
For SBK 1029 
For SBK 1041 
For SBK 1031 
For SBK 1107 
For SBK 1071 
For SBK 1073 
For SBK 1105 
For SBK 1069 
For SBK 1003 
For SBK 1039 
For SBK 1045 
For SBK 1035 
For SBK 1027 
For SBK 1055 
For SBK 1065 
For SBK 1057 
For SBK 1051 
For SBK 1067 
For SBK 1091 
For SBK 1093 
For SBK 1095 
For SBK 1097 
For SBK 1099 
For SBK 1101 
For SBK 1103 
For SBK 1075G 
For SBK 1075B 
For SBK 1075P 
For SBK 1075Y 
For SBK 1085G 
For SBK 1085B 
For SBK 1085P 
For SBK 1085Y 
For SBK 1081G 
For SBK 1081B 
For SBK 1081P 
For SBK 1081Y 
Digital Camo 
For SBK 1109G 
Digital Camo 
For SBK 1109B 
Digital Camo 
For SBK 1109Y 
Digital Camo 
For SBK 1109P 
Need Jerseys Fast?

We can fast track your order at no extra charge. We regularly work with our customers to meet their deadlines.

Don’t Have A Logo?

No problem. Our imaginative art dept. can create one for you for a modest charge. Just email us your logo idea and we will work with you to produce outstanding artwork.

Want To Customize Jersey Colors?

All Sublimation and Custom uniforms can be customized in your choice of colors. Explore our amazing Jersey Builder and create unique looks for your jerseys. 

On a Budget?

We offer a wide range of styles to suit every team’s budget. Feel free to inquire about your specific requirements on our Quote Request Form.